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Matt, I saved the folder slot01 onto a disk, but it wouldn't let me attach the folder so I put it in ftp. It is in (Host Name) spockfu (username) fbhdrw (password). My advice is to copy the entire slot01 folder maintaining its current structure, but here is a website that MIGHT work. If not you'll have to FTP. Download an ftp program. I'll be at school tomorrow for a while if you'd rather just wait.

click here

Next, install fallout, and then the patch (confirming that it says 1.02 in the startup screen, and play just long enough to save something under slot 1.

Finally, copy Slot01 over top of the Slot01 folder that appeared under savedgames in fallout. You should be able to figure it out. I'm sending the patch in a different folder. Bye.