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SpockFu's World of Icons

Welcome to my Icon world. Here you will find the ultimate collection of icons for Windows 95. They are in .ico format, and I have over 4,300 of them zipped into one tiny download just for you. You MUST right click to download. Left clicking will only result in disappointment! Cartoon icons. Business and computing. Film and Video. Science Fiction icons. Transportation icons. Seasons and holidays. Weapons and warcraft. Signs and symbols. Graphic and art icons. People icons. Icons about places. Music and sound icons. Super hero icons. Video game icons. Nature icons. Great icons with no real category

I welcome all people worldwide to my website. Please click on the faces to sign my guestbook.

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SpockFu's Home Page
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The Humor Files of SpockFu
To see funny programs and stories go here.

SpockFu's Wav Files
Click here to download some of my favorite wav files.

SpockFu's midi files
Click here for my favorite midi files.

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